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The official tumblr page for Now, Voyager, a band from Brussels, Belgium, formed in July 2010.

Hey all, it’s been a while since our last update. All that with good reason, rest assured. 2013 saw us hit the road and tour for the very first time, as well as release our second EP, ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’, via our record label, Destroy Everything. Every single one of last year’s events was a lesson that we are grateful to have experienced. Through Highs and Lows, from the vast plains of Portugal, to the narrow Fjords of Scandinavia, and the Voyager-breakfast-favorite of the UK’s English Breakfast, Now, Voyager saw itself discovering parts of the world, challenging our views, and forcing us to constantly redefine and readapt ourselves as a band. What lucky people we are, to have gone through all that. Although physically demanding to the point of physical exhaustion, it’s safe to say we’ve developed a thirst for the open road.

Sadly, 2013 also marked our separation with our former bassist, Tom. Despite an aggravating down period of fear and incertitude as to the band’s future, after a few months we finally found someone that inspired confidence. We are more than happy to have welcomed Maarten into the band as our new bassist. He’s a perfect fit, and if you haven’t already, we can’t wait for you to meet him! Right, enough of this 2013 recap business. On to 2014!

As you may well know, we’ve launched ourselves into the writing process of our first album. We’ve never had to undertake such a demanding project before, and needless to say, it’s going to require a lot of time and work. We are overwhelmed, there’s no sense in denying that, but excited all at the same time. We’re not sure what the outcome will be, or if we’ll even succeed, but we do know that we want to write the best album we are capable of writing. With the intention of keeping you guys up to speed on the evolution of this album, we’ve decided to keep regular updates from hereon. We may post pictures, audio and/or video files at random of the writing process. You may even hear small snippets here and there of the songs. Who knows?

Where are we at, so far?

Well, we could keep yappin’ on about this, but how about we just let the music speak for itself?

Here’s a very small portion of what we’ve been working on.

We hope this tickles your curiosity pickle, at least a little.

Thanks for reading,

Nabil and Martin

This is happening this weekend! Please help us spread the word, and reblog!
Thank you!

This is happening this weekend! Please help us spread the word, and reblog!

Thank you!



This is a new band coming out of Belgium named Now, Voyager.  I did a review of their EP late last year, and now they have finally come out with a music video.  If they ever come over to do Warped Tour or anything big like that, I think they’ll go over huge with that audience.

Sounds Like: The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean 

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: Band of the week: Now, Voyager.


Now, Voyager are another band hailing from overseas, this time in Belgium. I’ve only been aware of their existence since Monday and I’m honestly very disappointed that I hadn’t heard of them before this point.They are my expectation of what Architects would be if they were from Europe and are…

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Live video of ‘To Every Beginning’ from our show in France with SHOWYOURTEETH.

New Management + Going to the UK

In case you missed it on Facebook, we’ve signed a contract with a UK based management; DeCoy AM will now be taking care of us, and we are unbelievably stoked about it.

As a first move, Now, Voyager will be heading off to the UK to play at UpRoar Mega Festival alongside sick bands such as Giants, Our People Versus Yours, and the awesome Shadows Chasing Ghosts. We cannot wait till September!